Julliette Carignan's Portraits and Animal Paintings

Little Julie, 20 x 16
Little Julie
Luc Toulemonde in Sunlight, 18 x 14
Amy, My Neice. 30 x 22
Amy, My Neice
The Trotter, 22 x 30
The Trotter  SOLD
Cash Penny, 16 x 11
Cash Penny  SOLD
Kathyrn and Becka, 18 x 24
Kathyrn & Becka
Ken Smith, 14 x 11
Ken Smith
Putto, 12 x 9
Putto Fountain
John DeMarco, 18 x 14
John DeMarco
My Sister Jacky, 24 x 18
My Sister
Jessica, 18 x 14
Amy Outdoors, 12 x 9
Amy Outdoors
Native American Woman, 14 x 11
Native American Woman
Erica, 18 x 14
Bud, 18 x 14
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