Julliette Carignan, Oil Painter

Amy, My Niece

“Portrait of Amy, my Niece”

I treasure this painting. I painted it from a photograph I took of my niece when she was young; she's now a lovely young woman in college. Besides liking the painting because I have so much affection for my niece, I was also enamored artistically by the warm light from an interior lamp that lights her left side, contrasted with cool outdoor light that falls on her right side. I also like the textures of her dress and skin. I painted this when suddenly I had some financial safety in sight while still having some open time to paint, my studio was reasonably cool and perfectly lit, and I was well warmed up in painting-- all adding up to a perfect combination. With such ideal conditions and my feelings for Amy, I remember this as a time of perfect flow.

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30” x 22”
oil on canvas

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